Sunday, April 19, 2015

Cinda's First Agility Trial

Cinda finally was in her first agility trial.  She was scheduled for her first back in December.  But my granddaughter needed to have surgery on Christmas Eve, so I had to withdraw from the trial.

Since I was not sure how she would be, I only entered her 1 day in the SCOR CPE Trial at Victoria Farm in Middletown, NY.  She was registered for Saturday (April 11th).  Unfortunately we missed part of the day due to a Bronze Star ceremony at the ANG Base in Newburgh, but she was able to get 3 runs in.

When we are in class, she is usually very good.  Something clicks and she just wants to work.  Her first run in the trial was Jackpot.  I had my plan for a nice, flowing run.  When we started, she just got so confused.  I suspected she was leary of men, and with the male judge calling numbers in the middle of the course, she just started running around.  She did a few of the obstacles, but she really was just running around.  I am very happy though that she returned to me when I asked.

We didn't get to run the next run, Standard.  It was taking a while to Level 1.  We had to leave to get to the ceremony.  When the ceremony was over, Jackie took Stew home, and Cinda and I went back to the trial.  They were in the middle of the upper levels of Wildcard.  I brought Cinda in and just kept her in the barn, with Hilda holding her when I had to walk the courses.  This may have helped calm her down.

She did a bit better with the Wildcard run, but still a bit zoomy...

The last run was Snooker.  I really loved the course and was so wishing I had Willie.  He does pretty well at Snooker.  I decided not to go for the whole 51 points, so I didn't put undo stress on Cinda.  We did the # 7, 6 and 3 obstacles in the opening.  It made the course flow very well.  To my total shock, Cinda was spot on.  She did the whole course, just how I wanted - all the way through.  BUT, she would not go on the table.  In class, the table is low.  It was very unusual though, because the table is her favorite obstacle.  We tried and tried, but she just would not get on.  I am just so happy that she ran so well.  She will get it.

At our next class, we raised the table.  She got right on.  Figures.

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